“The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future.”

Actually the future, our future lies in a reconciliation between industry and nature, between mankind and nature. We have to close the loop, come full circle and realize we’re an integral part of the whole thing. We are nature, we were born from it, live in it and we’ve been playing around with it for a while now, building cities and roads and running around, not minding too much about keeping the place clean. And now, up to our knees in waste and with mother earth losing her temper, it’s time for some spring cleaning. And that starts with making greener choices..

What we do, what we say, what we make, use or throw out has an impact, however big or small. Every day you can choose what that impact is going to be. Toxic or clean, naughty or nice.

Making greener choices isn’t always easy though. Choosing green often means having to make concessions on appearance, functionality, price or convenience. A convenient example: how do you choose what shoes you want to buy? Do you look at style and comfort, or ethical implications?

Considering the amount of sexy sneakers out there, odds are style is what makes the difference and we can’t really blame you, because that’s how we choose our shoes. Still, we don’t agree with the situation: we want to be able to choose green and style. And since that doesn’t seem to exist, we decided to take the first step with OAT Shoes. May it cater to all of you in search of some conscious style!

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