Shoes That Bloom


OAT Shoes was founded in 2010 from a desire to create products that do more than look good and perform well. OAT Shoes were made to help create a future we want to live in.


OAT Shoes

OAT Shoes was founded in 2010 by Dutch product designer Christiaan Maats.
Graduating from the Technical University in Delft, Christiaan developed
a vision of storytelling through product design.

He wondered if you could create products that change our perspective on the world.
Products that inspire us to ask questions and wonder about possibilities.
Just like a good story can.

OAT Shoes were born from a vision of the future that merges nature and industry.
A world where we learn to live in cycles and embrace the temporality of life.
A world where products decay and become a source of life.
Where nature is integrated into our cities and our lives.
And where shoes grow flowers once you plant them.

OAT’s core values are unite, create and inspire.
We unite people, ideas, opposites and attitudes to create truly original products that inspire positive change in the world. We celebrate diversity and personal style over hypes and trends. We collaborate, we try, we test, we fail and celebrate the lessons learned.
On a mission to make cool stuff and change the world.





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